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    First Home Buyers Grant After Buying IP

    Hi all, Most likely a simple Q and A but I have heard/read conflicting opinions recently... If your first property purchase was an IP which you had never lived in, could you later purchase a property to live in and claim the First Home Buyers Grant? Cheers
  2. DSC04919


    Hubby knocked this up over two days. I love it. It was a left over door from our last renovation at an IP.
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    Buying the family home with siblings

    My wife and I are thinking about buying my wifes mothers house from her. She is going into aged care and needs a lump sum. We are thinking of buying it in conjuction with other members of her family. We will live there as our primary home and pay rent to the other members of the family. Bar the...
  4. Side of my firstn new home

    Side of my firstn new home