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    Locksmith in Hornsby

    Hi guys, Since it's nearing the settlement for our townhouse in Hornsby, I would like to know if you have any suggestions on locksmith in Hornsby. We would like to changed all the front door and back door keys and also added dead lock in one of the door. Can the locksmith also be able to...
  2. Z

    Carlingford vs Hornsby

    Which suburb is better to invest, Carlingford or Hornsby? Your advice would be appreciated.
  3. A

    big tree- good or bad for land value

    some background info: i live at hornsby council - which has a new tree preservation order in place. (basically, you can cut any non native , non heritage tree). so i have a choice whether to cut the following tree: i have a 500m block (with a approx 100m) handle at the corner (right...
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    Property Prices - Seems going down in Hornsby, Asquith, Pennant Hills areas...

    I have been looking around for a few months now to buy a house/duplex/TH or villa near Hornsby area (Asquith, Wharoonga, Wahroonga, Warrawee and Turramurra) I also was looking around Normanhurst, Thornleigh and Pennant Hills as well. In the last two weeks i am seeing more properties have...