1. Jake Milne

    What's hot 2013 (Melbourne)

    Fairfield is a north eastern suburb of Melbourne that has a population of 5,946 and is 6km from the city. Over the last 12 months Fairfield units have grown by 16.7%. The suburb has excellent access to the city via train, bus or car. This area mainly attracts single professionals who are in...
  2. O

    Where to buy in Vic?

    I am a first time investor with 80K in savings and over 100K/year in income. We are looking for a home around 300K with good rental income and capital growth. Areas we are looking at are Ballarat, Warrnambool, Dennington, Portland. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks. Should I...
  3. B

    Buy in MACKAY.

    With all the doom and gloom around the nation, talk of reccession and housing bubble bursting, Mackay is still a shining performer. i have included some links to give you an idea about the place...