hybrid trust

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    Hybrid Trusts or in my own name?

    Hi, just want to ask some opinions, I've read many of the threads here about hybrid trusts (old views as i believe things have changed) and i thought i would put my situation forward and get a fresh and current view. * Single with no dependants * High tax bracket * Age early 30's *...
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    Is there any Trust which fits this situation

    My situation : Current situation 2 property A & B I am living in A property which has a loan of 135K i have used the equity on Property A to buy property B B has a loan of 412K Now i want to move in Property B and make Property A my investment property Can i sell the...
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    Hybrid Discretionary Trust in detail

    Hi, I have read up on how a HDT works in theory but I am trying to understand how it really works in practice. So I have created a scenario below to help me understand the issuing of Special Income Units, and what Capital is in a HDT. A HDT was set up on July 2008, with a Corporate...