income tax

  1. P

    Renovations and profits

    Hi, I am looking at doing renovations to earn an income (whilst still working 9-5). There is so much material out there about reno's, tips & tricks but I really want to know how profitable renovating and selling properties is - especially if you want to 'buy, renovate and sell' v.s 'buy...
  2. P

    Retiree selling PPOR.. what happens now?

    Hi all, i need help as i have no idea much about selling PPOR, income and finances. My mum is a retiree and wants to sell her PPOR (downsizing reasons). IF she manage to sell her PPOR (then rents another property because she cannot find another one to buy just yet) and she puts the money...
  3. cocka2

    income tax gain of investment property

    Hi All, I am thinking of buying my first investment property and I would like to make sure I do understand tax saving benefit and negative gearing correctly. I would like to present a sample scenario for the first year (negative gearing and claiming interest expenses). Gross Income...
  4. V

    PAYG Income Tax Withholding Variation Application (ITWV)

    Hi, I am brand new to this forum and was interested in finding out about ITWV. Has anyone applied for this Tax Withholding, if so, how does it work in simple terms? Appreciate it. Val.
  5. M

    Paying Rent and Leasing PPR

    I own a house which I rent out and earn rental income. I also rent an apartment for a greater value to the rent earned. I am now being hit with Land Tax, and Income Tax Assessment. Is there anyway I can avoid paying these taxes. Just because it is not my 'real' PPR, it is the only house I...