1. P

    Ways to deter certain "types" of Tenants

    I am planning to rent out my IP and my IP is a strata-ed 1970s block building in an inner city suburb. Some background in our area: - I am based in Ground level - Our building has 2 government housing unit currently rented to an emigrant family and a single man in his late 40s. Both...
  2. Alex P Keaton

    Anyone else in Mortgage Stress ? 50% Pay ?

    Hi Anyone else in mortgage stress? 50% of my salary is going into ppor & ip mortgage repayments. I make $1547 net a fortnight. I'm struggling atm and my bank balance has been going down! I'm down to $1600 now. I'll get paid tomorrow though. I'll be ok and have some breathing space once...
  3. T

    Buy IP or PPOR first?

    I am just beginning my research into purchasing property and I was hoping to get some advice about the pros and cons of buying a PPOR vs IP first. Ultimately, I would like to own my own home as well as be earning income from several investment properties. At the moment, I can't afford to buy...
  4. Alex P Keaton

    What's your annual rental income/investment income minus all expenses?

    How do you put in the poll. it wont let me Following on from the thread Poll: What's your annual household income from your day job only? What's your annual rental income/investment income minus all expenses? 1. How many properties do you have and how much Rental Income are you making...
  5. F

    Simple Income Tax Questions - Laptop & IP Travel Expenses

    Hi, For the tax experts on here, I have a couple of questions. a) Laptops to my knowledge are depreciable over 3 years. Is this 33% per year or different (sliding scale) rates per year? (I am aware that you then have to apply a % that was work related to this figure). b) My wife and I...