1. B

    Due Diligence

    Hi guys complete newbie here. Due diligence, I understand it to be in basic terms, making sure you dot your I's and cross your t's. But can anyone explain to me what the I's and t's actually are?? Does anyone use a dd checklist as such?
  2. B

    IP Strategy

    Hi im 20 years old and hoping to buy my first property. I have saved a deposit and been pre-approved. I just want to get some background info from some experienced investors. my goals is to hopefully keep investing in properties and retire early. There is so much information out there that...
  3. Jake Milne

    Information Sources used by a Buyers Agent

    Here’s some of my resource list. Contains investing info one may need to support decisions. Hope it helps... DATAHOUSE http://www.***************************/ FEDERAL...
  4. S

    Australian Taxation Reporter - anyone know about them?

    Hi all, I got a sales/ marketing phone call from the Australian taxation reporter - they are a subscription service. The idea is you subscribe for $539 a year, and you get bimonthly newsletters with tax updates and tips on things like tax on paid parental...