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    Infrastructure building in Melbourne

    Greetings forumers! I have to say I am impressed with the varieties and active levels in this property investment specific forum. Wish I've found it earlier... Anyway this is my first post here and conventionally I start with a question on my mind. I have been looking for a development...
  2. J

    Infrastructure charges- the councils way of saying Get stuffed?

    Hello all, Got a question about local infrastructure charges. My family have a 5 acre block under moreton bay council we have held for 30 years. Looking at subdividing into 9 blocks and looking at an infrastructure charges (headworks) of around $270,000. The council say that it is due "prior...
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    Infrastructure research

    I've heard that you can find where proposed shopping centres will be located through the Australian Bureau of Statistics but cannot find anything on this. Has anyone heard of this and knows where to find it? Thanks Josh