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  1. M

    Ashfield inner-west Meriton complex?

    Hi all, I have been reading a lot of the threads on Somersoft for over a year now and decided to join up. Hello to you all. For all the inner west fans, I have my eye on a 2 bed in Ashfield in the Meriton complex on Brown St near the station. I went to an inspection on Sat and only 3...
  2. Z

    Where and What to Buy IPs - Inner West Syd

    Been viewing the posts on the forum for quite a while but still haven't decided where and what to buy my IP(s). Looking at 2 bedroom unit, relatively low strata (i.e. not new buildings with lifts, etc) , long term investment. I am considering the following areas. 1. Ashfield/Summer Hill...
  3. D

    Baby on the way = what do we do? Help!!

    Hi all, My wife and I are expecting our first baby at the EOFY and need your advice! Current position; We have an IP each and are renting a home in Baulkham Hills (2153). IP's; 1. 2bd unit in Homebush West (2140) and 2. 2bd unit in Croydon (2132). We are looking at selling Homebush West to...
  4. mmtrav

    Buyer's Agents recommendations -- Inner West

    Hey everyone, I know the answers are here hidden in the forums, but this is just a shout out to hear recommendations from ANYONE (including BAs themselves) about who has the best expertise on a full search in the inner west area of Sydney. We're first home buyers, have financing arranged...
  5. P

    Inner West PM and renting out PPOR

    Hey all I am looking to rent out my PPOR and am looking for experiences with property mangers in the inner west of sydney around Stanmore. If anyone has experience with someone who was particularly good, or a PM i should perhaps steer clear of I would love to hear it. I had a search of...