1. MelbPropMeeting

    Melb Prop Meeting Tues 16 Jun - Secrets to Spotting a Real Property Bargain

    Hi to all Melbourne based property enthusiasts and investors, I want to let you know that I run a monthly property meeting group at the Veneto Club in Bulleen (just off the Eastern Freeway). Everyone is welcome to attend. The key objective for the group is for people to come along and...
  2. P

    Due diligence in purchasing a property in Syd

    In such a flaming hot market in sydney, how does one do their due diligence (pest and structural inspection) when purchasing a place. Properties get snapped within one inspection opening.. Literally one days time... Is there anyone out here on somersoft who doesnt do inspection? Has this...
  3. W

    Termite damage and structural issues

    Hey Folks, I was trying to buy a property recently which has serious termite damage + serious structural issues which has come up in my building and pest report. Thanks to my building and pest guy who was awesome and patient in doing the inspection which saved me 80K on a house on top of the...
  4. T

    Recommended Pre-settlement off-the-plan building inspection, Sydney

    Hi All, Does anyone have recommendations of someone who can do a building inspection for an off-the-plan (OTP) property in Sydney? Have a property in the Homebush/Auburn area that is about to settle but would like them not only to find any defects but also check to see if it's built in...
  5. laurieload

    Do dirty exit tenants get 2nd chance?

    When a tenant exits a lease (NSW) and leaves the place dirty and the grass unmowed, is the landlord obliged to list things that need attention and give the tenants the opportunity to come back and attend to it before calling in the professionals and docking their bond? Can't find anything on...
  6. M

    Inspection report explanation regarding footing

    Going again through my recently acquired IP's Building report, I need some suggestions on certain areas. The report says this about the Footings: -The building is constructed on a combination of strip footings and piers. - Evidence of minor subsidence was noted to the footings. - There...
  7. mooki24

    Building and Termite Inspections - Perth

    Hi all Does anyone have any recs for good Building Inspection and Pest Inspection companies in Perth? Preferably SOR? Thanks :)
  8. sashatheman

    Negotiating the price further down

    Hello everyone. My wife and I decided to look for our first investment property. We chose the Western suburbs of Sydney. I found a place that appears to generate sufficient rent and a tenant who is willing to stay. So after looking at the property I spoke to the agent and asked for about 5%...
  9. C

    Recommendation for OTP pre-settlement inspection SYD

    Hi all, A off-the-plan unit we purchased is nearly settlement date and I am looking for a recommendation for a person to engage for an defect inspection pre-settlement. We've already been out to the property a few times to have a look but am considering a professional in case we have...
  10. L

    Pre-settlement inspection denied

    Hi all, I've been lurking on this site for a while now rushing to get as much info as possible in a short period of time for my first home purchase, and this is my first post. I would really appreciate any clarification on my issue. Basically I have purchased a house in Adelaide, my settlement...
  11. M

    House Purchase - Pest Inspection Results

    Hi All - Firstly, I would like to say thanks to the members for such a useful & informative website. I submitted an offer on an older style period home in the inner west ~ built around 90-100 years ago and I currently have a 0.025% deposit resting on the property. The house underwent a...
  12. J

    Recommendations for inspector Wollongong

    I am currently interested in a property in the Wollongong area and was wondering if anyone could give recommendations for a building pest inspector. Also do inspections check age of electrical wiring and possible problems with retaining walls.
  13. W

    Preparing docs for tribunal owner vs real estate

    Hi, can anyone direct me to an example of or resource for, or outline of ways to prepare a good clear application for the tribunal? Owner vs managing real estate agent re breach of contract. Having had my property supposedly 'managed' I return to find another story - unreported damage...
  14. A

    Building and Pest Inspection Company in Brisbane

    Hi all, would anyone have any recommendation for a good and reliable Building and Pest Inspection Company in Brisbane that you've dealt with. Your recommendation and comments are appreciated. Thanks. Ken :)
  15. I

    Renovator's nightmare! What are the right Qs to ask?

    Hello folks, This is my first post…I’ve followed this forum on and off for a couple of years, and am in awe of the collective knowledge and experience here! Having never been in a position to buy a property and/or found the right one, I haven’t had anything to contribute…until now. It’s a...