1. G

    Fees commercial vs residential

    What can I expect fee wise when getting involved in commercial property as opposed to residential? Are rates the same? Or is there extra due to being commercial? Insurances? Is there a general rule of thumb? TIA
  2. rrcrawf

    Home Owner Warranty Insurance Coverage - Common Property Lot

    We own a torrens title townhouse that is within a community scheme, for the common property that consists of some Gardens, Drive Way, Street Lights, Fire Hydrants & a Letter Box Unit. We have now had two leaks from the fire hydrants, both have eventually been fixed with a combination of the...
  3. 3

    Landlord Insurance, StGeorge v NAB v other

    HI Guys, I was looking for some insight on insurance for a couple of investment properties. I was tossing up between St George (Alliance) and NAB. If anyone could give me some feed back that would be great. Thanks in advance :)
  4. P

    Public Liability Insurance - Personal?

    Hi guys, I have an insurance question for you all around public liability insurance. I know small businesses can take public liability insurance, but does a similar product exist for individuals? Say for instance I am walking down the stairs having a chat with my neighbour, I trip and make my...
  5. spooky

    Landlords Insurance For Townsville

    Hi Guys I am after some leads for Landlords Insurance Including Buildings etc I have just had a renewal notice and it has gone up by 70 odd % that over $700 taking it to almost $1800:eek: Current Insurer is QBE thru EBM Insurance Brokers I am find may companies wont insure in that...
  6. Spades

    Re:Insurance before settlement

    Hi all, Re:Getting a cover note insurance before settlement on a house,does one get building insurance or building and contents insurance? I presume one can cancel insurance after settlement if one found a better policy? Any recommendations? Or is it best to maybe checkout the net...
  7. C

    Insurance companies not paying out unless fixed term lease in place??

    Hi everyone I received the attached advice with my monthly statement from my rental agency regarding insurance claims and tenants staying on under an expired lease, and thought I would raise it for discussion. So it appears that you can no longer just assume that as long as you have LL...
  8. laurieload

    Building insurance for house + Granny Flat

    tax implications : Building insurance for house + Granny Flat Have a spanking brand new tenanted Granny Flat in the garden of our PPOR. Building insurance is due for renewal. Youi have given me a great deal on insuring both props combined, which is better than insuring properties separately...
  9. thydzik

    can the bond be used to pay landlord insurance excess?

    hi all quick question, i am going through a landlord insurance claim for rent default, I was wondering if the bond can be used to cover the insurance excess? thanks
  10. D

    Insurance for a block of flats

    We have a block of five flats in Brisbane, they are not strata titled. Last year our insurance increased by $400 as a result of NRMA tacking on flood coverage. The building is on top of a hill, so this is not required at all but flood coverage has become non opt-out for their building...
  11. jsoe

    owner builder - insurance?

    Hi all, We're about to begin garage conversion to 2 bed 1 bath granny flat. I'd like to know what sort of insurances to get (to be wise) rather than taking on all options out there. I have contractors (plumber, electrician, carpenter) for less than $12,000 worth of work and contract. My...
  12. P

    Scrapping after fire - depreciation

    Okay, so our newly-extended IP has just suffered significant fire damage. Everything was brand new and the place had only been tenanted a week or so! Luckily we have both LL and building insurnance. Would I be correct in assuming that it would be worth getting a depreciation person in to...
  13. T

    Landlord Building Insurance or Home Insurance?

    Hi all, So I am about to settle on a PPR that will become my IP after 6 months. I am in the process of choosing home insurance and am wondering how the impending 'IP' status of my property would effect what cover I should go for? Can I simply select the 'best' home insurance, then switch it...
  14. S

    Home owner - malicious property damage by neighbour

    Hello All, The neighbor living behind me threw a rock and broke our bedroom and tool shed window. Seems like he was high on drugs. He also threw mud and soiled all our clothes on our clothes line. Cops were called and the offender is on the run, with cops "trying" to arrest him for the last 3...
  15. H

    Help - Tenant in Need

    Hello, I am hoping you can help me. Its a very long and drawn out situation I am dealing with here and I am at a point where I cant handle it anymore! nearly 3 months ago i (luckily) woke up to my heater, pillow, carpet on fire, from putting the fire out I received 2nd degree burns to my feet...
  16. A

    "Fully insured removalist"... What does it mean?

    I was going through the ads on my local community newspaper in search of removalists. Some of the ads say "fully insured". What exactly does it mean? By the way, do you have a recommendation for a good removalist in St.George area NSW?
  17. mary&mat

    Recommendations for best B/Corp Insurer

    Hi all, I have searched but search came up that these terms were too common or too long to yield results, so I thought I'd ask here instead :o Time to renew B/Corp insurance for our PPOR. We're the front property of 2 on a subdivided block so the only 'common ground' is our shared...
  18. W

    Boom and Builders Insurance......

    Hi Guys My partner and I are about to sign a contract for a house and land package with Boom properties (anyone know anything about them, good or bad?) and AHB (likewise?). A couple of things that we're now wondering as we get deeper into the contract... Should we get insurance over and...
  19. A

    Question about Public Liability Insurance...

    I am in NSW. As a first home owner, we've almost decided to purchase a 2-bedroom unit. The unit is currently leased by a tenant. My conveyancer suggested to get a public liability if we decide to keep them there. What sort of public liability insurance is it and how much does it normally...
  20. L

    Recommendation for Insurance Lawyer

    Does anyone know an experienced lawyer in Sydney who deals with insurance related matters? (e.g. Home insurance, landlord insurance) I have a few specific questions regarding my insurance policy, in particular the definition of "duty of disclosure". It seems that insurance companies define...