interest rates

  1. M

    Hidden Gems of Regional Investment

    All-time low interest rates and increased demand in big city markets are making certain regional towns very attractive for the investor market. Towns like Tweed Heads and Lismore have units 2 or 3 bedroom units under $250,000 with rental yields of 7% gross. Factoring in council rates and body...
  2. C

    Thoughts on Bendigo Bank rates & Adelaide Bank

    Hi All, After having our original PPOR and now IP with Bendigo Bank at quite a competitive rate for the last 7 years or so, we're now shopping for a new PPOR loan after purchasing some weeks ago in Melbourne. The new loan for PPOR only will be in the order of 600K. We've been happy with...
  3. Richard Feynman

    Interest Rates To Fall Further - Pete Wargent

    Thoughts? Sorry for the image sizes... that's how big they come in at. Source:
  4. see_change

    RBA ? Mortgages to be affordable with 4 % rise

    Tried to find a link for this but couldn't . On ABC 24 this morning , there was a headline about the RBA putting in a restriction on mortgages only being given if people can prove they can afford a 4 % increase in interst rises . My understanding was that was being raised for discussion ...
  5. S

    Rates on this deal

    OK new to property development and would appreciate your advice. :) Building 6-8 2x2 apartments within the Perth Metro. Project $1.7M conservative value upon completion. Will use primary residence as additional security value $1.8M Need to borrow $2.2M in total (which includes current...
  6. MTR

    So why are IR dropping??

    I know, perhaps a silly question, but I am really not sure why interest rates are dropping. Comsec reported that our economy is doing very well and US/Europe figures improving. However a Aus$ too high and this in part is why IR need to drop? Be interested on views regarding this, and how...
  7. Alex P Keaton

    IO - Only for 10 years? - Best SV IR ?

    Hi IO Just for 10 years? I was just on the phone with ANZ. My IO period reverts to P&I in a couple of weeks so I will be changing it back to IO as I dont want P & I. ANZ said that after 10 years the bank wont allow you to pay IO they will make you go onto P & I. Is there a way around...
  8. digs75

    RBA and Interest Rates

    Would like to know from readers your take on where you think interest rates will go down or stay the same for the remainder of the year ? Do you think a .25% decrease (if that occurs) would entice households to start spending more or not have any bearing on consumer spending. Seems like...
  9. V

    Loan structure - fixed or variable?

    Hi, How do I work out my loan structure preference for Fixed and Variable rate? Any opinioin/expert recommendations? I have been told that generally people go for 100% variable. But nowadays, going into a 3 years fixed rate loan would be preferred given that there may be some rates hike...
  10. Garry Mac

    Will The RBA Move On Interest Rates Next Week?

    Good afternoon all One of the most pressing questions at this time every month is…will the RBA raise interest rates? Whether it does or does not will be revealed next Tuesday. However notwithstanding the RBA’s decision, I believe there is a far more pressing question: will the banks raise...
  11. D

    Looks like rates are going up

    Here's the link One good thing about the extended federal election, it has delayed the banks raising interest rates by three weeks.
  12. Alex P Keaton

    > Sep 2011 - Buyers Market as FHB's Struggle with SVR

    > Sep 2011 - Buyers Market as FHB's Struggle with SVR ? A comment that Sash made in another topic got me thinking! I think there will be some FHB's that are going to struggle with their repayments come the end of 2011!! Some FHB's would have taken out a 3 year fixed Interest loan back in...
  13. buzzlightyear

    Central Banks providing liquidity

    With all central banks around the world, pumping liquidity into the market for banks and other institutions to access over the past few months, does this not have an affect on interest rates, money supply and inflation?