1. V

    Deductibility of deposit interest from offset

    Hi All, I'm a long time lurker first time poster and am going through my first purchase of an investment property in Brisbane. I have some funds in my PPOR offset which I have already used to pay a deposit on an IP ($53k). I am in the process of splitting my PPOR loan ($280k initially into...
  2. marco1019

    Home loan products - suggestion required

    Hi, I am new to the forum. I would like to get some idea from experts here. There is my story below: I lived in Perth and I got a house which is not under any mortgage there. I've just relocated to Sunshine Coast, Queensland for work this year. I would like to buy my 2nd property in Sunshine...
  3. Practice labrador

    Practice labrador

  4. L

    How is interest returned?

    I'm new to property investing and am trying to figure out how everything works. I was wondering how do you get the interest back from the loan? Do you just get it straight back as a tax return or how do they work it out and how do you work out in advance how much you will be getting back? Also...
  5. B

    Use Equity to reduce interest?

    Hi All, First of all just wanted to say great forum with lots of helpful info. :) I'm still a newb at this so just wanted to get opinions/re-assurance that what I'm thinking is right. Just under 2 years ago my wife and I got a house built (PPOR). It was valued at $420K on completion...
  6. R

    Buy IP using PPOR loan?

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy my first property this year, a unit in Sydney to use as a PPOR. I've been reading the forum for a while, but haven't seen this topic come up: The advertised interest rates on IP loans are higher than on PPOR loans, generally. So how to the banks ensure that...
  7. Interest Rate Expectation

    Interest Rate Expectation

    Interest Rate Expectation as of 16-Oct-2008