1. J

    Brisbane Property Network Meeting

    We are kicking 2015 off with a bang, by bringing you words of wisdom from not one but two key professions you must have on your team. This week's thought provoking seminar will be given by two experts: Lynne Sturgess, mortgage broker, Precision Loans; and Fionna Reid, principal...
  2. N

    Interesting article on investing trends in the United States This is a survey carried out on wealthy people in the United States as to what sort of investment vehicle they would be looking at over the next 12 months.
  3. M

    the property puzzle

    Is this still a valued book or is there others I should read?
  4. G

    Mount Gravatt East/around for investment

    I am looking at the Mount Gravatt East and surrounding suburbs for investment upto $350k in 2014. I am new to Brisbane. Can any of the experienced investors in the forum give some guidance. My major concern is if the area is flood prone and if it has the potential. I am looking for CG over a...
  5. FJO

    Investing in properties with pools

    Now I know most of us run when we find a property for sale with a pool, especially an in-ground pool. The maintenance and up keep of pools is time consuming, costly and of course who can you trust, right? But surely not all is bleak when looking for properties that have pools? What can you...
  6. Alex P Keaton

    17 yr old car 140,000 kms Versus investing

    Hi How is everyone? :) I havent visited for ages. Haven't even lurked for a while. I am back now as I'm seriously thinking about investing again and i'm kind of at a turning point in my life. Car versus ip. I have been thinking seriously about upgrading my car. I bought a hyundai excel...
  7. K

    Can you recommend an Accountant in Sydney?

    Hi all, new to the forum and property investing. From reading through posts (for hours and hours daily it seems haha), I feel I need to have the right accountant in my corner. Can anyone suggest someone I should see? I live in the Hills area, but will travel for the right person/partnership...
  8. Joh

    "Borrowing Funds" from Personal LOC for Investing

    Hi All, I have just a quick question. Even though I am mainly about property investing, I want to put $10 into shares however I am waiting for my loan to be approved (I have pre-approval). Are their any tax implications if I took 10K out of my non deductible LOC for investing and just pay...