investment house

  1. R

    Transfer property to Family Trust

    ive learned so much from stalking this forum but this is my first post. So I hope I'm putting this post in the right space. 10 years ago my parents 'gifted' land to my brother who took out a mortgage to build a house on the land and rented it to my parents. Since then my parents have...
  2. J

    Is Waterford estate in Melton South a good place to buy a land?

    I am looking to buy a land in Waterford estate, in Melton South, Victoria. This is a new estate, being developed by land Source Australia and being sold by Oliver Hume. Their master plan looks pretty good, and the extension of Metro railways to Melton in the future, together with a freeway...
  3. E

    Last minute surprise...advice needed please!!!

    Hello Forum Members, After paying off a block of land over the last 10 years, and entering into a standard form MBA building contract with a well established and reputable builder through a separate sales and marketing/project management service (will leave out company and business names and...
  4. Tiggy

    Claiming interest on block of land

    I know I can claim interest charged on a loan to purchase land on which to build a rental property. Is there a time limit? If I owned the land for 4 years, then built an investment house, could I then claim all the interest on the loan from the date of purchase 4 years ago? The ATO website...
  5. Tiggy

    Decisions, decisions -what do people think?

    Million (and possibly more) dollar question - what will appreciate more in 5 years; a block of water front land at a beautiful little coastal village on the Fraser Coast (SEQld) OR an older style rental house in St Lucia, Brisbane? We own our home, have IO loan on an IP (going along well).2...