investment portfolio

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    Advice on investment strategy please

    Hi, am new to this forum but am humbly seeking advice on how to next invest in my porfolio. Currently I have 3 IP in my portfolio. But have made mistakes in the past and am just starting to learn more about property investing. Financial situation as follows: I have $500k in equity from...
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    Automated system to pay IP outgoings

    Hi guys I'm just wanting to know what's the most effective way to pay the outgoings for your investment properties. At the moment i have one IP but have aspirations to have many more in the years to come. At the moment my IP is managed through an agent and they simply deduct bills (rates...
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    Purchasing an apartment- new to property

    Hi All, I'm preparing to purchase an apartment in Melbourne. This will be my first property. Depending on where I can afford to buy I may/may not live in it. Preferably I will be living in it. I was looking at some student accommodation in Carlton, but after reading someone elses post, I'm not...