investment strategy

  1. D

    Advice on investment strategy please

    Hi, am new to this forum but am humbly seeking advice on how to next invest in my porfolio. Currently I have 3 IP in my portfolio. But have made mistakes in the past and am just starting to learn more about property investing. Financial situation as follows: I have $500k in equity from...
  2. S

    Sydney or Newcastle?

    Hi guys, First time poster, long timer reader seeking your thoughts. My partner and I are considering entering the property market. We have been saving for a long while and are stable in our jobs 75k each before tax. We are late 20s, 300k in mostly cash, no debt. We currently renting in...
  3. S

    Next move

    Hi everyone Looking for ideas of my next move Buy another investment property for future capital growth/ rent etc Sell one property and hold onto cash in offset and invest if opportunity presents. My situation current: I am having some thoughts of selling property 2...
  4. Joh

    Investment Strategies

    Hello. I am looking at two strategies for property investment and finding it difficult to know which one would be best for me. One is the Margaret Lomas (Destiny) Strategy which is buying cheaper properties with good rental yields. The other is using the services of Metropole Property...