1. kokonaing

    Oz Property News iPhone App

    Just stumbled upon the following app in the App Store. Hoping that you guys might be interested in it, just to share the news: Oz Property News by Trusti Apps Category: Finance Updated: 12 Apr 2013 Oz Property News App is the only pathway to get ahead of other property investors...
  2. M

    Simple Investment Property App

    Hi Everyone, While looking for my last Investment Property, I used a fairly simple excel spreadsheet to give me an idea if a property was positive/negative geared and by how much per week/month etc. I couldnt find anything like it in App Store or Google Play so I'm considering making it...
  3. O

    Somersoft on Tapatalk

    I have been reading and following this forum for over 2 years now and it has been an outstanding resource. Not only has this forum provided some invaluable information, it has also provided me with recommendations for some key professionals which I used to purchase my first IP in 2012. Most...
  4. J

    Useful Property Apps????

    I am new to property investing, and looking for ways to make searching for properties and managing my portfolio/tenants easier. Does anyone know of any iPad/Android apps that can help? I'd really enjoy hearing your thoughts...
  5. Alex P Keaton

    IPhone 4G... Iphone Plans Are Getting Cheaper!!

    Hi For the last few years I said I would never get an iphone cos I didnt want to pay a crazy monthly fee, so I stuck with my $20 cheapie. My friends were all getting one and I kept resisting! I've just learnt that the iphone plans are getting cheaper. I've decided I'm gonna get one. I've...