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    Good builder for Ipswich area?

    Hi guys, need some help. I got a few projects I want to do in Ipswich area. I have a double block in Basins Pocket I would like to build 2 x (house+granny flats) and also another site in Booval that I want to either: renovate front house and put 2 townhouses at the back, or try to go for 4...
  2. W

    I'm getting lost!

    I read the term ?analysis paralysis? on here somewhere on here the other day and seemed pretty apt for where my head is at right now. I'm a complete novice in this area, although i've been reading as much as I can i'm at the point where I could do with some independent advise in order to gain...
  3. D

    Should u buy in Pimpama, Ipswich, Woodridge or Toowoomba

    Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to property investing, but looking to purchase my 2nd Property. I currently live in Sydney, own 1 property in Tasmania, where I have pulled out 100K equity from. bought when I was young. Decided to pull my finger out and set myself up for the future. Over goal...
  4. C

    Investing in Collingwood Park

    Hi I am looking at purchasing a 800 m square block with a 3 bed house on it in Collingwood Park QLD. Was looking at sub dividing it and building on the back. Then will hopefully sell the front off and keep the back as long term investment. Any thoughts on Collingwood Park or any who...
  5. O

    Ipswich for first IP

    Hey all, my fiance and I are looking to buy our first joint IP in Raceview (Ipswich). She already has a 1 bdr IP in Bulimba that she's owned since 2009. We've been negotiating on a 3 bdr house in Raceview and the numbers definitely stack up from a CF perspective, but I'm wondering about the...
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    Brisbane (Again)... x2 in Logan/Ipswich or 1 within 7kms of CBD...?

    Hi All So I have been searching for another property since mine fell through due to B&P in Jan, the market has certainly been hotter since the start of the year and it's becoming increasingly harder to secure the right property within 7km's of the CBD with the price range I had in mind 450k...
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    Ipswich Property Managers

    For those looking to employ a Property Manager in Ipswich there are ones to avoid of course. I can PM ones I have heard about etc. One PM in Ipswich actually put two lots of tenants from hell in a row. Once you could say was an accident but two Tenants from Hell in a row doesnt seem like...
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    Renovation project in Ipswich

    Hi, I've just purchased an investment property in Ipswich, about 1km from the uni/hospital. It's a 2 bed, 1 bath timber workers cottage built approx 1940, in a quiet street with good access to public transport. It's the classic "worst house in the best street" as both neighbours are renovated...
  9. C

    Bargain in Goodna

    3 bedroom, 2 bathroom brick house on 782 sqm that sold for $285K in 2004 sold at auction on Saturday for $250K :eek: The property is well above any flood level but, no doubt, the flood in January has adversely affected the selling price...