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    Looking for a good builder in Karratha

    Hi, Can someone suggest who would be a good builder for residential building?
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    Karratha or South Headland

    I would like to invest where the property market is sustainable for 5-10 years and looking at Karratha and South Headland. Appreciate any suggestions and some insights.
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    Karratha - Sell or Hold

    I have owned a 3x1 IP in Karatha rented for over $1500 per week (6 months left on lease) for over a year and am looking at selling due to the uncertainty of the market in karratha atm. The property was purchased for $705,000 last year and has just been valued at approx $825,000. In speaking...
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    > 70% LVR for Karratha IP via new SMSF?

    Hi all - I've just set up an SMSF, and am interested in purchasing an IP in Karratha, WA. My mortgage broker has said that the banks he deals with won't go above 70%LVR for new SMSF purchasing in resource-dependent towns like Karratha. Does anyone know of any lending institutions or...