kawana waters

  1. Speedracer

    Bundaberg, Colundra, Yamanto, Chemside or Kawana Waters for first IP?

    Hello, I am a Sydney resident still searching for my first NRAS investment property. I have been focusing on QLD and ideally would like a Land and House package under 400K but I do like the idea of a unit in Brisbane. After recently giving up on Gladstone I have narrowed down my options to...
  2. N

    NRAS in Broome

    Hi, I'm a long time reader of these forums but first time poster - hoping some of you might have some words of wisdom for me. I have one IP at present (a 2 bed Apt in Camperdown, Sydney) which is doing quite well. I've been looking to get an NRAS property for quite some time. I've seen...