1. B

    Rich Dad coaching experiences?

    I'm looking into this coaching program and wondering if anyone has taken part. Please pm me. I'm keen to join but would love to hear if others found it valuable, whether its relative to Australia... And also to make sure the people asking for money from overseas isn't a scam! Thanks heaps
  2. streetie

    Who went to the national achievers congress in sydney?

    Just wondering who went and what people got out of it? I personally liked Tony Robbins even though before i had seen him I hated his guts as i thought he was just all about positive thinking ********. But he actually had alot of great things to say. I thought Robert Kiyosaki was really...
  3. Ms Jade

    Anyone invested in SILVER?

    So, a couple of weeks ago I was at a conference where the CEO of a very large Japanese manufacturer of electric goods spoke about the supply & demand gap regarding particular commodities. Actually, the speech was not about this but he mentioned it. This company is mainly concerned with Indium...