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    Rip out floating floor and relay it again?

    Hello, I just had my laminate flooring install call me about the complaint I made about small 1mm gaps where the end of the boards come together (not the end where they click in) and a couple of areas flex as in it is not level. They said they will come to redo the floor, etc. That means to...
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    12mm AC5 laminate floating floorbaords

    Hi all, Went to Decorug over the weekend and they have some pretty good specials on. I was initially going for the 8mm 2 strip AC4 laminate as I really liked the colour and finish; however, the 2 strip looked rather busy for a med to large size lounge. I ended up going for the 12mm AC5 one...
  3. Old kitchen mosaic floor

    Old kitchen mosaic floor

    not sure what to do in the kitchen area, may be Vinyl tiles......... dont like old mosaic floor.
  4. After new Laminated floor

    After new Laminated floor

    living area looks much better with laminated flooring.
  5. Preparation for Laminated flooring

    Preparation for Laminated flooring

    Recently renovated living area, carpet replaced with laminated flooring.
  6. Handy Hints

    Handy Hints

    Handy Hints
  7. After


    Another view
  8. After


    Another view
  9. Before


    Another view
  10. Kitchen After

    Kitchen After

    This is the kitchen once painted and a floating timber floor put down.
  11. Kitchen Before

    Kitchen Before

    This is the kitchen before I used White Knight Laminate Paint.
  12. Stainless kitchen update

    Stainless kitchen update

    This is the renovation with pre-fabricated stainless benches fitted (overkill for an IP maybe but this was a PPOR) with white knight laminate paint to all other laminate surfaces, the rangehood (previously cream) was spray painted aluminium to match
  13. Before - pink laminate and late 80's style

    Before - pink laminate and late 80's style

    This is the pink (salmon?) laminate kitchen prior to renovation (well - one stainess bench fitted, and prior to painting)