land tax

  1. K

    Big increase in Unimproved land value in Perth?

    Is anyone else getting hit with big increases in the unimproved land values in their land tax statement this year? I just received mine and here are the increases from last year in the value: * Bentley: 30.4% to $225k * Vic Park: 17.5% to $370k And the amount of land tax payable goes up...
  2. H

    Buying through a trust

    Hi, Was hoping I could check what my accountant is telling me. Buying a ppor in Perth. Accountant tells us my wife and I are both in high-risk jobs for litigation and that we need to purchase it through a trust to protect it from some imagined sinister threat. Here are my concerns: 1. Would...
  3. T

    NSW Land Tax deduction to prevent double taxation

    There is a really interesting fact sheet here which might be of interest to NSW investors. To summarise (directly from page 2) If A & B jointly own Property 1 with a land value of $800k, and Mr A wholly owns...
  4. wategos

    Volatile Land Tax Valuations

    How does this happen ? Down and up 20% in 2 years, how do they arrive at these figures, local sales ? 2012: Land Value 530 K 2013: Land Value 425 K (down 20%) 2014: Land Value 505 K (up 19%)
  5. G

    Land tax when building PPOR

    Hi all, Just writing to ask for some advice regarding Land Tax (Victoria) on vacant land when building your PPOR. Here is the scenario. 1) We bought land (settled in Oct 2009) and built our first home. Neither of us (husband/wife) have ever had a PPOR before or claimed a land tax...
  6. S

    Land Tax in NSW for Tenants in Common

    Hi, I hope someone can clarify how the property ownership is determined for Land Tax threshold in NSW. For example: 1. Mr and Mrs A own 2 residential properties as tenants in common with 99% / 1% split. Land value - 300K 2. Mr and Mrs A own 1 residential property as tenants in common...
  7. I

    land value calulation on units?

    Hello everyone! We recently bought another IP :) and just received our first land tax bill :eek: Can someone please tell me how the Valuer General calculates the land value on units? The land value they put on our unit is 40% of our purchase price :confused: I thought the land...
  8. mixedup

    Land Tax Threshold-does it increase with property gains?

    Hi, Anyone know whether typically (or based on history) the Land Tax threshold increases at the same sort of rate as house price growth or not? If not what sort of growth (for running some calcs) would make sense for annual threshold growth? (e.g. 3%?) thanks
  9. M

    Paying Rent and Leasing PPR

    I own a house which I rent out and earn rental income. I also rent an apartment for a greater value to the rent earned. I am now being hit with Land Tax, and Income Tax Assessment. Is there anyway I can avoid paying these taxes. Just because it is not my 'real' PPR, it is the only house I...