land value

  1. Pins

    Calculating land value - Coburg, VIC

    Hi all, I am looking at purchasing a property in Coburg VIC to live in for now, but as a future IP. Any suggestions as to how I work out the value of the land? Cheers!
  2. A

    big tree- good or bad for land value

    some background info: i live at hornsby council - which has a new tree preservation order in place. (basically, you can cut any non native , non heritage tree). so i have a choice whether to cut the following tree: i have a 500m block (with a approx 100m) handle at the corner (right...
  3. I

    land value calulation on units?

    Hello everyone! We recently bought another IP :) and just received our first land tax bill :eek: Can someone please tell me how the Valuer General calculates the land value on units? The land value they put on our unit is 40% of our purchase price :confused: I thought the land...
  4. buzzlightyear

    Land Value Estimation

    Always had a challenge in establishing how to exactly value land. Looking at an inner city property, great location, is 5 x 40m in size and has dual street access. There are people living in it, I believe they are house sitting for the owner who is overseas. I think they are relatives. The...