1. D

    Should I sell or develop?

    Hi All, My parents own a piece of land in Taylors Hill. It is in a good location and is roughly 760 sqm. I have a 5/6 townhouse development underway (my first development project) but thought that i could learn alot from developing this block of land first and it would be a lot less risky...
  2. F

    Annual Land Valuation Notice - What does it mean?

    I just got a letter for Annual valuation For PPOR the values hasn't changed for more than 4 years now this year all of the sudden it jumped by 140k...??! what is going on? what does it mean? Is it government's way of a tax grab, because they are so poor? Do I need to do anything differently...
  3. L

    Buying land in NSW

    Hello, I am looking at buying a vacant piece of land in NSW. Do I need to pay stamp duty on the purchase price? How much max LVR would the bank lend for vacant land in NSW? Is the grant still available? thank you L
  4. S

    Should I buy the house surrounded by vacant lands owned by Housing Department?

    I am looking into buying a house that will be re-zoned from R2 to R4 (high density). So my strategy is buy it now, rent it for a few years and sell it to a developer once the rezoning is complete. But I find that there are 3 vacant lands around this house that are currently owned by the...
  5. A

    How to find a nominee for unsettled block

    How can we find a nominee for a block of land when settlement is close and what will be the consequences if we cant settle what legal actions a developer can take .
  6. S

    Blocks for sale with plans approved - Maylands WA

    Hi all, Ive got 2 blocks for sale at the moment in Maylands WA, pls see ad here I think it is a pretty good opportunity for someone who wants to create a bit of equity for themselves, plans have been approved for 3x2x2...
  7. H

    Got a couple of blocks in Elizabeth, Need help :)

    Hi guys, long time reader, first post. :) I had a pair of maisonettes in Elizabeth, joined together, I went ahead and subdivided it, it is now 2 maisonettes in the front and 2 blocks of vacant land at the back, all fenced, community title. I had the land on the market for a bit now, and...
  8. Tiggy

    Claiming interest on block of land

    I know I can claim interest charged on a loan to purchase land on which to build a rental property. Is there a time limit? If I owned the land for 4 years, then built an investment house, could I then claim all the interest on the loan from the date of purchase 4 years ago? The ATO website...
  9. E

    Re-zone / Dwelling Entitlement???

    Hi, Hoping for some advice for an IP as the local council (surprise surprise) is not helping...The IP is 3 lots, vacant land, semi cleared on 25acres, NSW south coast. Zoning is R1a and about to change to E3 (enviro mgment). Only 1 dwelling entitlement on middle block. Across the road are...
  10. Tiggy

    Waterfront block on Fraser Coast. SE Qld

    Hi As some of you will be aware, I have been tossing around whether to sell my dream block of land to buy an IP. Heart versus head. Decision has been made for me rather quickly, as uni son plus friends just got an eviction notice and have to be out by early March. They are finding it almost...
  11. K

    Shrinking land after offer and aceptance

    Interesting case- Sale of a rear block as part of a subdivision in Perth. The O+A is due to settle subject to the issue of titles and the deposit is paid and finance approval given. However due to the Vendor and the Surveyor not being able to communicate properly, the block was marketed as...
  12. J

    townhouse vs duplex

    Hi, i'm looking to buy my first property, but i want to make it a rental property in 2 years. I've two options: Town house for 283K and a duplex for 338K both I guess will have low vacancy rate. At the current market the first one can be leased for 300$ pw and second one for 320$. will it...
  13. Lot 2012 - 26 Eldon Street, Shoalwater, WA 6169

    Lot 2012 - 26 Eldon Street, Shoalwater, WA 6169

    Direct lake views from the vacant land at Lot 2012. House construction to commence in Sep-Dec 2006. Vacant Land purchased and settled for $160,000 in February 2006 and bank-valued for $190,000 by Egan National Valuers.
  14. Makassar from Air

    Makassar from Air

    Patchwork farmland near city of Makassar
  15. Land Banking

    Land Banking

    116 Acres at Anstead Brisbane - 650 metres of prime river front land