landlord insurance

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    EBM RentCover vs Terry Scheer Landlord and Contents Insurance

    EBM and TS seem to be the two most commonly recommended choices for landlord and contents insurance. I've just done a quick online quote and EBM RentCover Ultra is $345/annum while Terry Scheer is $382/annum so there is very little difference in price. Just wondering if anyone has had...
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    Landlord Building Insurance or Home Insurance?

    Hi all, So I am about to settle on a PPR that will become my IP after 6 months. I am in the process of choosing home insurance and am wondering how the impending 'IP' status of my property would effect what cover I should go for? Can I simply select the 'best' home insurance, then switch it...
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    Where should I get landlord insurance from? and how to estimate the property value?

    Which insurance company would you recommend for landlord insurance? What is a reasonable amount to pay for landlord insurance? I am a first home buyer in NSW and am looking to insure my newly-bought 2-bedroom unit with a tenant still living there. I tried to get quotes from few of the...