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    Build in external laundry

    I own a 4 bedroom house in a large town in regional QLD. The laundry is outside under a verandah. I believe it can be built in without need for any major structural work (uprights, roof, concrete floor etc all in place). The room will be 4.8m x 2.8m (13.4m2) and will allow some much needed...
  2. M

    Laundry renovation ideas appreciated

    Our PPOR was built in 1984, which probably tells you a good deal about the laundry. The rest of the house over the years has been renovated (kitchen, bathrooms, paint, flooring etc), but the poor old laundry is still original condition. Beige square floor tiles (in perfect unchipped...
  3. W

    Outdoor Dunny to Laundry - genius, or stupid?

    Hi Guys, We're looking at demolishing our dodgy laundry at the back of the house to make room for a nice deck (around 1m off ground)... I have thought of a couple of options for where the laundry could go, and wouldn't mind running it past you guys: 1) leaving washing machine there (will...
  4. Point Cook - Laundry

    Point Cook - Laundry

    Photos of our IP in Point Cook
  5. Coolbellup 2

    Coolbellup 2

    Laundry b4
  6. Coolbellup 2

    Coolbellup 2

    Laundry after
  7. Old Laundry

    Old Laundry

    This is the old laundry. It will become the bathroom and the laundry will be moved out to where the outside loo currently is.