1. P

    Losing faith/trust in lawyers (selling property)

    Have any of you been with a lawyer when selling a property that you begin to wonder if they can handle the money transfer part of the settlement even? The lawyer I am using will not admit he made a mistake when he exchanged contracts and put down 1 month extra in the settlement period instead...
  2. S

    Lawyer / conveyancer recommendation?

    Hi, I engaged with a lawyer who started on a fixed quote, but understanding that it is urgent case, he is asking for 60% more fees. This is very frustating, given that he is holding my contract and we are close to exchange. Since I am disappointed, I would like to switch my lawyer. Would...
  3. V

    PEL 267 clause in contract

    Hi, My lawyer advised me that contract for the land purchase mentions PEL 267. On asking what exactly it implies, my lawyer advised that: If Petroleum is discovered on your land, or nearby, you will have to move. Or, there may be a right to build a refinery next door to you. Now...
  4. investdrain

    builder's warranty, help, celling damaged

    My friend purchased an invest house property in Bonner in Canberra in July 2010 from Maloneys Estate Agent. At that time, there was no any visible trace of water leaking. My friend was told late Wednesday afternoon (Sep 15) by my property rent agent (the same agent) that the mentioned...
  5. L

    Recommendation for Insurance Lawyer

    Does anyone know an experienced lawyer in Sydney who deals with insurance related matters? (e.g. Home insurance, landlord insurance) I have a few specific questions regarding my insurance policy, in particular the definition of "duty of disclosure". It seems that insurance companies define...