lease agreements

  1. tempura

    Termination of Notice ... can someone please explain?

    Very noob in this sort of situation. I'm the landlord and I just signed up an Exclusive Management Agency Agreement Residential (Short Version) REINSW. In the Agreement section point #2 ... The Agreement shall commence on the blah and may be terminated by either party giving not less than...
  2. Y

    Commercial activity in residential property

    Hi there, It might be slightly offtopic for this forum, but I was wondering to what extent in NSW it is possible to rent a residential house with a lease agreement, and conduct a commercial activity in the premises (ex: childcare, hairdresser, massage ...). Is it only dependant on the...
  3. C

    Selling:Puchaser/agent want tenant in before settlement

    Unbeknown to me, agent was showing prospective tenants through my vacant property post sale. First I knew was when they rang to advise tenant had been found, and they want lease to begin 2 weeks before settlement date. Agent said "this is very normal, happens all the time". I was worried re my...
  4. Martyn Fleming

    Creative solutions for occupying a commercial premises

    I'd be very interested in hearing your story in how you achieved a good outcome as a business owner (or anyone representing the owners). I'm particularly interested in arrangements that would not be considered 'mainstream' in a typical commercial contract (sale or lease). I'd like this to be...
  5. F

    Long term serviced apartment lease and zoning

    Hi there, (first time poster, so pardon my ignorance :-) ). I am considering purchasing an apartment in the city of Sydney (v close to townhall station). It is leased to a hotel, where the lease is to 2014 with a further 5 year option. ie there is a lock in period until 2019. Rental...