1. B

    Introduction to Black Swan RE

    Here we go, to step where Angels fear to tread and to swim through unknown waters. Putting ourselves out there as an Agent on a forum where clearly some people just love to hate Agents and PM's alike. That's OK, we actually don't blame people, when you get burnt you tend to not want to go any...
  2. M

    FBT on Novated Vehicle

    Sorry if this isnt the right place to post this - just have a question on FBT liablity on my novated vehicle. My employer said there has been a shortfall in payments for FBT in 2012 tax year primary due to the valuation of the vehicle.... What happened was: When i joined my employee the...
  3. Sign from across the road

    Sign from across the road

  4. Just finished installing banner

    Just finished installing banner

  5. just starting install of Banner

    just starting install of Banner

  6. Sign right next to road

    Sign right next to road

  7. Just starting to put up sign

    Just starting to put up sign

  8. J

    Leasing IP to Mining Companies etc

    Hi All, Has anyone successfully leased their IP's directly to a mining or transport company in central or Nth Qld ?? We have a few IPs in Nth Qld.. but never seem to get the perfect lease - its always just locals. Any hints/strategies? How do the mining companies usually organise their...
  9. H

    Help - Tenant in Need

    Hello, I am hoping you can help me. Its a very long and drawn out situation I am dealing with here and I am at a point where I cant handle it anymore! nearly 3 months ago i (luckily) woke up to my heater, pillow, carpet on fire, from putting the fire out I received 2nd degree burns to my feet...
  10. T

    Commercial Lease questions - Newbie

    Hi, my wife is set to sign a commercial lease agreement in state of QLD and am wondering if some of the clauses are standard as the rental company say they say they are. Is it standard that: You have to repaint or pay for painting upon leaving the agreement - when you opt to move out? We...
  11. M

    Live in Backyard Bungalow, Lease House

    Hi, Quick question. Is it possible to lease a house, and live in backyard bungalow? What are the possible pros and cons? Is that type of leasing option even possible? Cheers,
  12. A

    Leasing a property as a first home buyer

    I am a first home buyer and have paid my 0.25% and am currently on a cooling-off period. If everything goes well, within the next 8 days I will get the property, a 2-bedroom unit. There is a tenant currently living in the property. As I've understood, a first home buyer can lease a property...
  13. S

    Tenants signing lease before settlement

    Hi all, What are the legal implications of signing a lease agreement with a tenant before settlement on a new IP, particularly if settlement is delayed? Obviously the lease would commence after the settlement, but I'd like to get it all squared away before. Has anyone had a situation...