1. johnthetechguy

    How do I ensure $44K 'bulding deposit' is tax deductible if settlement is in 1 year?

    I am buying a 'pre-stage 1' property (off the plan) for which I need to outlay $44,000 as a deposit towards the building costs. I assume I want all costs towards the property to be tax deductible, including this $44K amount. I have already paid $4K by credit card, with $40K due. How do I...
  2. M

    Small banks and their attractive variable/fixed rate?

    Hi all, I went with one of the four major banks for my recent loan and my friend who is an agent asked why I didn't go with CityBank or Bankwest as they have attractive rates. He basically said I got ripped off. I said I prefer to go with the major banks; Bankwest for example for what I...
  3. E

    Finance on share house accommodation in QLD

    Folks, does anyone have advice, based on experience, whether lenders apply commercial loan rates or resi loan rates to share house accommodation? Specifically, in QLD, I am referring to property where "6 or more unrelated individuals reside in a single dwelling". Or what is referred to by...