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    trust/corporate trustee/multiple lenders

    Hey guys :) I need some help borrowing with a trust. I have a discretionary trust with a corporate trustee and myself as the director/guarantor. From what I've been told, say Bank #1 will let me borrow $400k before my borrowing capacity runs out with them. Can I then create a new/second...
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    Hybrid Trust Finance

    Hi All, I've been doing some research as I planning to purchase my 3rd IP and I am re-evaluating whether a hybrid trust is right for me. The benefits sound great but how practical is this set-up for obtaining finance? From what I've read it seems lenders are steering clear of these...
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    Rates on this deal

    OK new to property development and would appreciate your advice. :) Building 6-8 2x2 apartments within the Perth Metro. Project $1.7M conservative value upon completion. Will use primary residence as additional security value $1.8M Need to borrow $2.2M in total (which includes current...
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    Finance - New Lender?

    Hi there, My fiance and i bought an apartment last October in NSW with the first home owners grant. We lived in it for six months and have recently leased the property as we have relocated overseas. Early next year, we believe we will be in a good position to buy another property with a...