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    Public Liability Insurance - Personal?

    Hi guys, I have an insurance question for you all around public liability insurance. I know small businesses can take public liability insurance, but does a similar product exist for individuals? Say for instance I am walking down the stairs having a chat with my neighbour, I trip and make my...
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    DIY Trust Administration

    Hi All, Long time stalker - first time poster. I am investigating alternative structures for a proposed business venture. My accountant has strongly recommended a trust structure over a partnership or sole trader - mainly for liability reasons. Is it practicable to administer a trust...
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    Boundary encroachment - liability issues

    Hi Have been a long time browser of this forum and have learned a great deal. I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. I have been recently informed by the owner (developer) of the vacant lot next door that my garage is encroaching his property by 3cm for the length of...