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    Limestone retaining walls - mandurah area

    Hi All Does anyone have any contacts they can recommend for limestone block retaining walls in the mandurah/rockingham area? Thanks
  2. I

    Perth Maintenance Help - Taking over hubby's to do list

    Can anyone recommend (Northern suburbs): 1) A good registered painter 2) According to building inspector our rangehood needs to be vented to outside of house. Got no idea who or what I'd call to do job. 3) Someone to edge garden beds with limestone and limestone capping 4) I'm converting...
  3. The other rear side

    The other rear side

    The other side of the limestone wall.....I'm kinda proud of this seeing I did a lot of the work :-)
  4. Rear 1

    Rear 1

    This shows one corner of the property after the renovation