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    What's a reasonable price for this Liverpool unit

    Hi guys, Signed a contract for this unit for $290,000. Vendor didn't accept my 285k offer. RPData values the property at 275-350k. I know it's much higher than the median unit price for a 1 bedder. Strata/qtr $560...
  2. M

    Off the plan in Liverpool NSW

    Considering to buy off the plan apartment in Liverpool NSW, 1 bedroom + 1 study, 79sqm, 320k. Got some questions: -Will there other new development in Liverpool in coming years? If yes, I may wait and see. -Some off plan properties are overpriced, how about the one I after now? If...
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    Liverpool Units - Investment decision

    Hi all again, I was looking through Liverpool stats from the Australian Property Investor mag this month. I noticed vacancy rates are about 1.6% with 188 vacancies. That's a huge number! I'm working in Liverpool next year and was considering buying a unit instead of renting out. Works...
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    Mirvac Development in Glenfield

    I am looking for a new property and found a Mirvac Devt. in Glenfield. I currently stay in a Wolli Creek unit but is thinking of renting it out as my family is growing. I work in the city and wouldn't mind the long travels. I've checked some "not-so-good" stories on its nearby suburbs...