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    ING Direct loan 5-year fixed

    I came across a post in another forum about this article: "John Symond fixes his investment property mortgage rate" I find this ING product to be enticing. 5 years 4.89%...
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    First IP which lender

    I have a PPOR worth 700K. Loan 450K. I can get 20% equity loan from my current lender. My broker advised me AMP/Homeside Lending/Westpac or CBA for my IP. Not sure whom to choose. My plan is to buy an old house and build a granny flat. Which lender is good for best interest rate and...
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    Negotiating home loan rate

    Hi, I am looking for Home Loan from Westpac (to get staff benefits). Though they give decent discount to every employee, they mentioned that the discount is reasonable and no further discount could be given. Effectively, it is 7.06% variable rate. Now, does anyone know if the Bank...