loan structure

  1. L

    Debt shuffling and tax deductibility

    Hey All! I have had a great time reading your forums for the last few months and I finally got around to signing up! I am really excited to join the SS club ;) A little about me... I am 20-something just finishing up my undergrad studies which is very exciting! On an impulse of sorts with...
  2. A

    Not happy with refinanced home loan results

    Dear Friends, I have been reading stuff in this forum for three years and still learning. I got our home loan refinanced this month with a major bank, but not satisfied with the results. I now present our case below and welcome your comments. Home loan #1 In 2009, purchased a house (our main...
  3. S

    Loan setup: equity loan with offset account for future IP

    Hi, I wouldn't mind comments on my loan setup. I didn't want cross- collaterisation like my bank suggested and came up with this: 1st loan: Secured against the investment property 80% value (approx. $320k and disbursed at settlement). * * 2nd loan Secured against our home equity for the...
  4. johnthetechguy

    How do I ensure $44K 'bulding deposit' is tax deductible if settlement is in 1 year?

    I am buying a 'pre-stage 1' property (off the plan) for which I need to outlay $44,000 as a deposit towards the building costs. I assume I want all costs towards the property to be tax deductible, including this $44K amount. I have already paid $4K by credit card, with $40K due. How do I...
  5. Spades

    How would you restructure my friends loan/finances?

    Hi All, Firstly i'm trying to help out a work colleague who has 3 young children and a wife who works also. Work colleague used aussie home loans and purchased a ppor a year ago.Loan was through BOM. He put down 20% deposit,cashed in shares for the deposit and is paying P&I with no...