1. G

    First time buyer work / income requirements

    Hi, Just after some general feedback from mortgage brokers as to both the minimum and ideal work / income requirements for a first home purchase. I understand it is ideal to have full time employment, but would any banks consider part time or even casual income if the loan repayments are...
  2. C

    Recommended Financial Strategist

    Hi Just wondering if anyone can recommend a financial broker/strategist. Was looking at using Investor Loan Network but would like any suggestions or feedback. What should I look for in a strategist? Open to recommendations. Thanks in advance
  3. J

    A new investment property loan with my single title or joint title with my wife

    I need some advise if there are any pros and cons when I have a new investment property loan with my single title or joint title with my wife. My wife is a full-time home duties with no income. I wonder if I have any Tax benefit or something.
  4. S

    Should I cut losses on IP? Advice appreciated

    Hi, Bought IP in the Whitsundays in QLD in 2006 as a naive, uneducated investor. Was given usual dream of "doubling money in 10 years etc". As this was pre-GFC, was given 110% loan to roll my existing car loan into (now I cringe at this). End result: PP of $225k, car loan $30k, renos +...
  5. H

    Loan Servicing Advice

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and have loved reading all the great knowledge that is shared. I'm reasonably new to investing having purchased my first IP less than a year ago. I'm excited by the prospect of being able to add several properties in the years ahead! Having been bitten by the...
  6. V

    How to extract equity out of a property?

    Hello I have one property which I purchased about 3 years ago. I am looking to buy another one by using equity (if any) from my existing property. My current loan is with Westpac. I went to Westpac, they said in order to value and see how much we can pull out they would need to apply...
  7. angel0death

    Difference between CBA's Offset Loan (MISA) and Line of Credit

    Hi. I want to refinance my IP, and was approved for CBA's Line of Credit. However, reading some of the posts in this forum, there's always mention to have an offset account instead because Tax declarations will be much cleaner. CBA has the MISA product which is basically an offset account...
  8. S

    Finance for Our Customers who are renovating

    Hi everyone I hope You are well. I produce high quality concrete flooring and I think I am losing potential customers because of the price barriers. We are ranked at the top off the search engines for renovate concrete,restore concrete,polished concrete and all major keyword related to the...