1. B

    Due Diligence

    Hi guys complete newbie here. Due diligence, I understand it to be in basic terms, making sure you dot your I's and cross your t's. But can anyone explain to me what the I's and t's actually are?? Does anyone use a dd checklist as such?
  2. C

    Where to invest - Anywhere in Aus?

    I can borrow $1M to buy investment(s) anywhere in Australia. I'm mid 30s and single. Salary is $160K and have about $5k per month to contribute investments. I have 1 IP in Sydney worth $600k. costs $2k pa to hold. - Cash (in offset account) =$200k. - I also have $500k in shares. I?m currently...
  3. Alex P Keaton

    $450 - $700 K Mt Lawley or Inglewood PPOR

    My total income (including rental) is $92 K pa. MB says the highest I can go is a $700 k loan. The next IP I buy will be my future ppor which I will move into in around 5 -10 years depending on when I can afford to. I'm wanting a bigger ppor, mine is just too small so I'm wanting...
  4. S

    Advice/opinion/guidance wanted!!!

    Hi everyone, I need your help. I'll try explain... my wife and I have decided to use the equity in our house in Albury NSW for a deposit to either buy or build another property (house, not unit). We bought the house a few years ago as our PPOR but have since moved to Darwin so its currently...
  5. S

    Cash flow positive properties. Where do Dymphna & Helen Collier properties recommend

    I am thinking of adding a cash flow property to my portfolio. I always worry about the risk with these locations. There are a lot of spruikers pushing the merits of cash flow properties. I have attended a couple of introductory courses but they never really say where they are telling their...
  6. P

    Castle Hill, Baulkam Hills or Belmore?

    Looking to buy a 3 bedroom family house in either Castle Hill, Baulkam Hills or Belmore. What are peoples thoughts on these three suburbs? I know they are three completely different suburbs, but trying to decide which would hold/grow in value more + best for family life (tough question I...