1. D

    LOE: Starting with $560k.

    Hi all, Thinking seriously about LOE (Living off Equity) starting early next year. Here are the numbers: Current Assets: $2.31M (incl PPOR) Current Liabilities: $1.298M LVR: 56% Income required to cover annual expenses: $40k Note 1: The low amount of $40k pa is due to Frugal living (see...
  2. C

    When LOE goes wrong

    From my observations, many property investors seem to build negatively geared residential property portfolios in the hope that they will someday be able to provide for them later in life and they can implement a living off equity strategy. Many property spruikers use the same tired model where...
  3. aaarghhh

    LOE and litigation risk.

    See_Change started a thread about trusts and protection and It got me thinking anbout asset protection while using LOE strategies. I'm worried about my next step in IP investing and how to protect it. Keith had suggested using regular top ups to keep the LVR's at 80% which MIGHT mitigate the...