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    first time buying looking for advice and opinions.

    First time poster, long time reader. (Researching/learning about property investment for 3 momths) The Situiation: - deposit saved 93k - pre approval loan 450k purchase price. - 250k no more then 290k - work in the defence force so my income is very secure. - renting in sydney - want...
  2. E

    Approximate reno cost around south east brisbane?

    Hi SS, I'm looking for the 2nd IP around the area - some of them needing proper lift up with (old kitchen, remove carpet and polish floorboard, new bathroom, etc). Before I start considering IP that need works, I want to get a general idea how much it will cost (and the quality expected)...
  3. L

    logan city - feedback

    Hi All I am new here and have done some reading about logan before my first post. I am looking to buy in the logan city in the next couple of weeks. I am looking for capital growth and can invest upto 350k. Cash flow would be good but I am happy to be neutral to get cg. Any suggestions...
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    Looking for IP #3 in QLD

    Hi all, I'm currently in the process of organising finance for IP #3 thanks to my 2 Western Sydney IPs having some good growth in the 6 months I've had them. I'm planning to buy #3 in QLD in April so I'm starting to research areas etc. I'm open to look at all areas but my criteria is...
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    Brisbane (Again)... x2 in Logan/Ipswich or 1 within 7kms of CBD...?

    Hi All So I have been searching for another property since mine fell through due to B&P in Jan, the market has certainly been hotter since the start of the year and it's becoming increasingly harder to secure the right property within 7km's of the CBD with the price range I had in mind 450k...
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    Renting in Logan

    I have a 2 bedroom unit in Logan that I will be renting out in December. Does anyone have any recommendations of an agent in the area and advice on what sort of fees I should be paying??
  7. Logan and Rocky

    Logan and Rocky