1. W

    Help with Mortgage agent Sydney for 95% LVR loans

    Hi Folks, I would need help from a mortgage agent who could help me with a 95% LVR loan in Sydney. My current situation * Looking to buy 700K PPOR property * Have 5% genuine savings deposit * Have savings for stamp duty for 700K * Good stable income * Need 100% LMI capitalized on the...
  2. Richard Feynman

    Your combined investment property LVR.

    Please don't include PPOR debt, just investment property debt.
  3. Alex P Keaton

    Sell underperforming 1 bed IP & Opportunity cost ?

    PPOR purchased 2008 for $255 k (loan $177 K) - Valued at approx $320 - $350 k in 2014 IP purchased 2009 for $210 k (loan $199 K) - Would get approx $230 - $240 k if sold today IP is a 41 sqm 1 bed in Dianella Also still negatively geared even after holding for 4 years. Properties are...
  4. A

    Re-financing PPOR and IP

    Hi all, I have a question regarding re-financing. Currently I have PPOR valued around 500,000 and owe about 250,000 and a IP valued around 600,000 and owing around 395,000 (on interest only loan). My question is there any way I can re-finance so that I can increase LVR on IP and use that money...
  5. Alex P Keaton

    Units Under 50 SQM - Affordable Investments

    What if you can only afford below 50 sqm? I think you can still do well if you buy <50 sqm. I'm getting a nice rental yeild for my 1960's 48 sqm Highgate studio unit and CG I think will be reasonable. The issue is though you need a 20% deposit!? Is this always the case!? Do you always have...
  6. L

    Maximum spend on renovations for PPOR

    Hi Guys. Looks like a great forum - just found it today. The gist of the question is - how much would you spend on renovating your PPOR? and should you consider cost of renovating your PPOR? The detailed question is: We are currently purchasing our PPOR. We are in Vermont in Melbourne...
  7. Munchine

    myHomeCalc iphone app, your thoughts?

    Hi Everyone, I thought you may be interested in an app I have just released on the iPhone. Below is a brief summary, and you can get more details by clicking on The app dynamically link in Stamp Duty with your mortgage and calculates LMI, LVR, cost of land, and the Auction...
  8. D

    Finance For Transportable Homes

    Hi I am wondering if anyone has experience with getting finance for building transportable homes and whats involved? What is the LVR? I have heard that you cant get regular finance for this as the transportable home is built offsite in a factory and because of this there is no value added...
  9. M

    90% or 95% LVR?

    Hi all My post is on a similar topic to one yesterday, but I didn't want to hijack the thread. I am a first time investor. I have just made a purchase of $330k and I need to decide on my loan details. This is my very first property, i.e. I do not own a PPOR. I am undecided about how much...
  10. T

    > 70% LVR for Karratha IP via new SMSF?

    Hi all - I've just set up an SMSF, and am interested in purchasing an IP in Karratha, WA. My mortgage broker has said that the banks he deals with won't go above 70%LVR for new SMSF purchasing in resource-dependent towns like Karratha. Does anyone know of any lending institutions or...
  11. Alex P Keaton

    Mum & Dad 8 yrs to retirement - Buy 2 IPS ?

    Hi My parents plan to retire in around 7 or 8 years. They have 2 properties. Their PPOR and 1 IP. LVR is 20% They dont have any other debt. Dad has been salary sacrificing into super. Mum has some company shares and super. Mum and Dad both working and are on $70 K pa & $60 K pa...
  12. N

    Refinance Invest Property & LVR?

    I bought an investment property about 8 years ago for $100,000 with 20% down. I refinanced recently so I could pull out equity to purchase additional properties. The property is valued at $300,000 & the bank said they can loan up to 80% of the value ($240,000). I did the refinance expecting to...