1. A

    Management Software

    I'm self managing my property in WA. I have been using which is ok. What other programs do self managers use?
  2. J

    Good Experience - Builder & Handyman

    I have been using a small company to manage my investments and through them come across this tradesman who has been outstanding as far as quality, honesty and good value are concerned. Defiantly worth a call if you're looking for someone in Melbourne. I think I have been able to attach...
  3. Alex P Keaton

    Exclusive Management Authority Perth Fees - Is this expensive ?

    What do you think of the following? Expensive? Any advice would be good. I wish I hadnt left all the research till the last minute but I guess its better late than never hey. I wont be rushing into signing any contracts until i talk to a few pm's. 2 pm's are coming in the morning. Hope someone...
  4. S

    Issues related to strata property

    Have posted some information and practical advice that may be useful when buying strata property in NSW: Issues related to owners corporation, strata managers, BMC, legal etc.
  5. mikesplace

    fees for management QLD

    Hi, what are the typical fees for ongoing management of an investment property in QLD? I have been quoted 5% to collect the rent and 3% to manage the 5% seems rather high, its not some crappy house in a dodgy area, aren't there defined legal procedures for non payment of rent and all the...
  6. A

    Property Management general info

    Hello, I am a beginning property investor and I have been researching property management companies as I would prefer to have someone else managing my properties. I have some questions that I would love to get feedback on from more experienced investors: Would you prefer a percentage...
  7. B

    Automated system to pay IP outgoings

    Hi guys I'm just wanting to know what's the most effective way to pay the outgoings for your investment properties. At the moment i have one IP but have aspirations to have many more in the years to come. At the moment my IP is managed through an agent and they simply deduct bills (rates...
  8. C

    PM having a right laugh

    I vaguely recall this being the status quo in WA despite it's absurdity, is this normal? Suggested management agreement contract landed on my desk. In it the property manager has cheekily inserted a clause to take 50% of their forecast property management fees for the life of the contract...
  9. 1

    Hervey Bay - PM Recommendations?

    Hi, We're remote landlords with an IP in Hervey Bay. Looking for a new PM. Any recommendations from the Forum? Thanks, 1putt
  10. W

    Preparing docs for tribunal owner vs real estate

    Hi, can anyone direct me to an example of or resource for, or outline of ways to prepare a good clear application for the tribunal? Owner vs managing real estate agent re breach of contract. Having had my property supposedly 'managed' I return to find another story - unreported damage...