1. L

    Looking for website with price distribution data

    Hi Guys, I came across an Australian website some time ago that had some great median price data on it by suburb, but I forgot to add it to the fav's and I haven't been able to find it since. You could plug in the suburb and it would graph the percentile prices with a date slider on it so...
  2. Alex P Keaton

    Quarterly Change 21% - Highgate WA

    From the Property Report in todays West Highgate is on top in the top 10 unit suburbs year on year 21% This is the suburb i live in. :D :cool: Heres an exerptfrom the article Highgate took out top spot on the best growth suburbs list for units for the past three months with a 21...
  3. P

    Priced to Grow!

    Hi guys, Just interested to see peoples thoughts on purchase prices (forgetting the specifics). Does anyone only buy on a general principle on what they think is price range that gets the most growth. For example -Only buy at or around median city price as it's the price half the...