1. E

    advice needed on first investment property

    Hi there, I am looking for some advice. I am at a stage where I am ready to invest in my first investment property, I?ve spent a bit of time reading books and checking this forum for days on end. However I am still very confused as to the exactly area I want to be purchasing in. I am...
  2. G


    Does anyone have any experience in carparks, purchasing then leasing them? Preferably in Melbourne but open to ideas. What are some pros and cons? Whats an effective way to research the return?
  3. A

    Is it time for Laverton yet?

    Have continuously started to hear from a variety of sources about Laverton as a good investment suburb. 18 km to CBD and easy access to freeway/Laverton Zone 1 train station. Can take as little as 15 minutes into CBD via freeway. It is basically the next suburb west after Altona in terms of...
  4. G

    Sworn Valuation

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows anyone who does sworn valuations in Melbourne (preferably Eastern suburbs) I am putting a deal together as we speak and i need it to be on the low side price wise in order to profit. Please reply or inbox me Cheers
  5. D

    6 unit development Melbourne

    Hi All, I have recently become a member and this is my first thread. A little about myself. I graduated a year ago with a Civil Engineering degree and currently working for a transport engineering firm. I have plans to move back into structural/civil and potentially get a builders license...
  6. P

    Melb buyers agent recommendation ppor

    I'm after recommendations for a friendly and sympathetic buyers agent to help my mum buy a unit in mid-ring or inner Melbourne (north or east) after a late life marital break-down. Recommendations?
  7. S

    Wollert, Melbourne

    Hello everyone, I have a 3 bdr, double garage and 2 bathroom house in Muzzlewood Way, Wollert, Melbourne. I bought the land in 2011 and built the house in 2012. It cost me $380K all up. Till now the property price haven't increased and my wife want to sell the property and invest in Sydney. I...
  8. L

    Where to buy in melbourne for 500-600k ??

    Hi All, Which suburb around Melbourne should I look for buying a house for live in and future IP? I have been looking at Sunshine, Albion, Coburg north, Reservoir but i didnt take any action ....... are they still good, should I go back and look again? Searching criteria: 1. 500-600k...
  9. R

    A new Melbourne based Accountant

    Hi All, I'm looking for a new accountant based in Melbourne (I?m in West Melbourne 3003, but happy to communicate via email/phone etc) who specialises in IP and preferably someone who owns one. Regards, Ray
  10. Spades

    Melbournes draft housing strategy/survey

    Hi All, Just came across a link on Melbournes draft housing strategy to which there doing a survey. What it's about: And survey and pdf here...
  11. C

    Growth prospects Inner Adelaide

    Hi All, We're looking at purchasing our second IP, and have concluded over recent times that purchasing another in Melbourne right now is not the best idea.. There's a lot of furious building activity, as portrayed today in The Age...
  12. Cazza

    Renovation of a PPOR - where to start. Help!

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone could please offer some insights into the renovation process as we are totally 'green' in this area. We have recently acquired a home that needs some work to get it up to todays standards. We have renovated small scale before, not to this level and as this...
  13. C

    Changing from P&I to IO. Pre-paying interest to reduce tax questions.

    Hi All Looking for a bit of advice here.. I think i'm on the right track but would like some reassurance after speaking with my accountant today. Situation is. Have a 2br unit in inner North Melbourne, bank valued at $400K, $191K principal owing. For 9 years been paying P&I. Unit...
  14. impala67

    All you need to know about Melbourne

    Chance of souvlaki: 10 charts that only Melburnians can understand Mitchell Toy - Herald Sun
  15. K

    Recommend a good BA in Melbourne for hunting an one bedder

    Hi, I am considering to find a good BA in Melbourne who is monitoring one bedders. Can you recommend one to me? How about "Buyer Solutions" (owned by Janet Spencer)? It appeared in my google search results... Thanks, Kai
  16. M

    Body Corporate refusing to fix common fence

    Hi all For those living in eastern suburbs of Melbourne, remember the earthquake of June 2012 which hit 5.5 on the Ricther scale? A day after the earthquake, the brick fence surrounding my IP collapsed. My IP is 1 out of 8 units. Body Corporate (BC) got an insurance assessor out to...
  17. impala67

    NAB Capital City House Price Forecasts 2014

    Property prices to keep growing News Limited Network - February 13, 2014 1:10PM PROPERTY prices are tipped to grow throughout all capital cities this year with new forecasts tipping...
  18. K

    400k for IP in Melbourne - Where ?

    I am a long term reader of the forum, but it is a time to ask a few question. I want to buy a IP in melbourne this year (probably 2nd half). Cannot afford more than 400K with stamp duty, land tax, LMI, strata fee etc. on top. I am realistic that at this price I can only get a unit or...
  19. N

    Melbourne eastern suburbs house prices 2011 - 2014

    After reading a lot about house prices in Melbourne rising, falling, rising, falling it started to confuse me weather my house price was going up or down. We brought a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, double garage, 2 living room house in Rowville (less than 30 mins to city) in mid 2011 for $540,000, at...
  20. see_change

    Where do you expect the East coast Capital city market to be in 3 years time.

    I know there isn't one market ... but take this from an east coast centric view point . Melb , Syd, Brisbane. Cliff