1. S

    Online Property Investment Course

    I'm an active investor and have built a sizable portfolio, but I want to take it further. I've spoken to a number of "mentors" and "coaches" but so far haven't found someone who gets me. I'm currently looking online for a course. Question: Has anyone here know of any online property...
  2. Results

    'Crack the Property Code' Workshops

    Hi all, We though we let you know about the exciting workshops that we are doing around the country this February and March. You will be able to hear from two of Australia's foremost Property Mentors - Simon Buckingham and Brendan Kelly - along with Australia's Leading Independent Property...
  3. Scott No Mates

    CF+ Course

    Nothing new here: Living Social Deal For $99 you ain't got much risk esp if you know nothing of the practice. But I gotta ask, how can you discount an $9k course down to $100? Is this an indication of the quality of information that you get?
  4. V

    Michael Yardney's Mindset Mentorship Program

    Hi everyone, I'm considering signing up for Michael Yardney's property investing mindset mentorship program. I'm fairly new to investing but from what I've been reading and observing the way you think is certainly at the stop of the list of factors that make you successful or not successful at...
  5. M

    Is Bob Andersen's Property Mastermind course for the first time investors?

    Hi, I would like to start investing in real estate and property development sounds as a great strategy to me. Has anyone here in the forum done the Bob's Property Mastermind course without any prior investment experience and been able to do their first successful investment as a result of...
  6. T

    How do I get my investment strategy right from the start?

    Hi guys, I am a newb to investing and a newb to Somersoft (hi all!). My question is regarding getting the right investment strategy from the start: I am passionate about educating myself and have read a couple of books and attended a bunch of seminars (but no formal training), and I know there...
  7. D

    Property Mentoring Program

    Hiya, I'm considering signing up for a mentoring program. Has anyone in this forum tried it and has it paid dividends? I feel somewhat stuck. I've reached that level when the banks are saying NO. :confused: So I'm looking for other options to keep ploughing on. Thanks, dreamgirl