1. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth Property Meeting 4 Dec - Ditch that Ball and Chain..

    This is a chance for you to understand yourself, others and go full steam into 2014 and also have a few drinks and bites to celebrate your achievements for the year and grow your networks. This month?s meeting is for everyone as everyone at some point of time has a little voice in the back of...
  2. spludgey

    Back beat, the word was on the street. That the fire in your heart is out.

    Over the past three years, I have purchased five investment properties and while I've made some mistakes along the way(especially with one of my Rockhampton properties), all in all it has been a very positive experience for me. Nevertheless, I have just lost a lot of interest in investment...
  3. Alex P Keaton

    Friend Aged 47 Wants 1 house paid off Before Retirement - IP or PPOR ?

    My friend and co-worker in her late 40's and who plans to retire at the age of 67 has decided to buy a house. She is wandering what the best way to go about this would be and we have talked about possible options. She is also going to see an accountant. A little background about her...