mining town

  1. Jess Peletier

    Port Hedland desperate seller

    I don't know if anyone is looking at cash flow +ve props in Hedland ATM, but I found this in my travels and thought it might be worth mentioning just in case some one was in a position and it fit with their goals. I always find 'motivated' sellers interesting :) I have no affiliation with the...
  2. J

    Leasing IP to Mining Companies etc

    Hi All, Has anyone successfully leased their IP's directly to a mining or transport company in central or Nth Qld ?? We have a few IPs in Nth Qld.. but never seem to get the perfect lease - its always just locals. Any hints/strategies? How do the mining companies usually organise their...
  3. B

    Buy in MACKAY.

    With all the doom and gloom around the nation, talk of reccession and housing bubble bursting, Mackay is still a shining performer. i have included some links to give you an idea about the place...