1. tempura

    < 50 sqm - 20% deposit

    I understand that for a unit < 50 sqm, lender would only want to lend out up to 80% only. I am very hesitant to use my liquid money to pay out the 20%. Do I have any other option/s to pay this 20% deposit? I have researched SMSF and it seems it's no go for me.
  2. F

    How to avoid paying $300,000 to $1 million dollars of mortgage interests to the bank:

    PRINCIPLES:- 1. The family money should not leave the family and go into financial institutions. 2. Do not let the words of media/culture (controlled by the elites that want u to buy their properties) that take minutes to be spoken to sway you to slave at work for the rest of your life to pay...
  3. Alex P Keaton

    Family member starting to ask me for money

    ,........ Mod Please delete, I was stressing out and needed to vent Thanks and sorry to bug u
  4. S

    Ways to save money

    I'll like to start a thread to get some suggestions on ways to save money for things you need or want e.g. cash for a IP reno, deposit for PPOR, pay for a holiday, etc without resorting to loans, credit cards or having to get a 2nd or 3rd job. Here is what I've come up with so far ... 1...
  5. B

    buying first IP, quickest way to buy second.

    Hi all!!:) its my first post /thread so please forgive me if its a little amature compared to others.:o im a 23 year old man that lives in Adelaide, SA. im extreamly passionate about property and im FINALLY in a posistion where i have saved a decent deposit for my first investment...
  6. Alex P Keaton

    Money Irresponsibility - Needs - Wants

    Just need to vent somewhere Brother bought another toy. This time an Ipad. He and his family are on a low income and keep wasting money on toys all the time. No savings whatsoever! I worry about him. I am trying not to judge as I myself had some problems for a few months there...
  7. Alex P Keaton

    Money Making Idea - Selling Nuts at work

    Money Making Idea - Selling Nuts and Dried Fruit at work I have a money making idea. I've had this one for a while now. Selling nuts and dried fruits at work I work for the public service and in my office chips and chocolate are sold as a way to make some money for christmas/social club...